Creating Your Own Photo Book At KKHPhotos.Com

Creating your own photo book from images at might look a bit confusing at first and although it can be a slow process it really isn’t difficult.

I’ll do my best to talk you through it using the Soft Cover book in the 5.5″ x 5.5″ size and the Afternoon At The Zoo gallery as an example. You can choose whichever gallery, book style, and size that you’d like.

Step 1. Select Wildlife And Nature from the main menu on the home page. From there choose the Afternoon At The Zoo gallery.

Step 2. Click on an image. It doesn’t really matter which one at this point as we are going to change things up as we go along. We are simply selecting an image to get us to the next step. Let’s say we clicked on the sad looking raccoon.

Step 3. Click on “Create A Book”  just above and to the right of the sad looking raccoon image.Capture1.2


Step 4. You will be given a choice of what type of book you’d like to create. For this example we are going to click on “Soft Cover”.Capture2


Step 5.  In the next window that opens choose your book size; 5.5″x5.5″ is our choice for this example.

Step 6. Choose the type of book you want; wedding, senior, family, simple black… there are several to choose from. Let’s click on “Simple Black” for now.Capture3


Step 7. Finally. At this point your template will load. Remember that image from step 2? It’s going to appear on this template on the very back cover of your book. Like it? Keep it. Don’t want it there? Click on it; then on the little trash can to remove it. Now you have an empty template.Capture4


Step 8. Move the mouse around the template. Do you see the areas that “light up” with the orange dotted lines? Those are the areas you can change. In this case you can change the words “my photo book” to whatever you’d like your book title to be; so type in something like “Afternoon At The Zoo”.  At the bottom of your cover you’ll see a date that is used as another place holder; let’s change that to something like “Images by KKH Photos”. Yes; you can type in whatever you want it to say I’m not going to complain.Capture5


Step 9. Above this front/back cover page you should see the words “change layout”.  If you click on that you can choose the way you want your cover to look. The choices will pop up on the right side of your screen.  For this book let’s leave it like it is with the black border around one image on the front and one image on the back.

Step 10. You see those big white spaces that say “your photo here”? Click on the one to the left; that’s your back cover. Over on the right you’re going to see the images from the gallery that you started in. Mouse over the image that you’d like to have on the back cover, hold down the button on your mouse, and drag the image into place.   Do the same thing to select your front cover photo and you’re ready to fill the inside pages! Here I used the sleeping flamingo for the back cover and the profile of a lion on the front cover.Capture6


Step 11. At the bottom of the screen you should see all the book’s pages lined up in a row. Click on page one.  Like it the way it is? Keep it. Or click on “change layout” and choose a different look. For this example I choose the black frame with 4 small openings. This changes only this page. You will be able to choose the layout of each set of pages as you move through your book.

Step 12. Add images to this page in the same way that you added images to your cover. Simply drag the one(s) you want into place.Capture7


Step 13. Fill the rest of your book in the same way, choose your layout, drag in your images, and move to the next page. Be sure to take the time to position and resize those images as needed to get it just the way you want it to look. If you are only using images from one gallery move on to Step 16. If you are going to add images from more than one gallery move on to Step 14.Capture8


Step 14. Let’s say we decided we wanted to make a page with some flowers on it instead of animals. Easy enough. Save your work this far by clicking on “add to cart”. You’ll get a confirmation notice; that’s ok just close it. Now we navigate to the Floral gallery by clicking on “Wildlife And Nature” just above the image, choose the Floral Photography gallery, click on the image you want, click on “buy”. When those product categories come up you’re going to see a message that says “You have products in your cart that require additional photos.  Add these photos to those products now, or select a new product below.”. Simply click on the words “Add these photos” and you will be taken back to your unfinished book template. (I have had to click on “buy” more than once to get this message to show up. Sorry but sometimes it just takes a while for the site to process what’s going on.)Capture10



Step 15.  Drag and drop the floral images that you’d like to add onto the page where you want them to go. Now your book is full. After you have filled in all the pages that were already in your template you will have the option of adding more pages if you’d like to include more images. You’ll see that at the very end of the row of pages across the bottom of the screen.Capture13


Step 16. Once you have filled all the pages of your book and it looks just the way you’d like it to; click “Save and Close”.  Click on “Cart” in the upper right hand corner and you’re ready to check out!

It may sound a little complicated, I’m sorry for that, but it really is an easy process to create your own little picture book or coffee table book. It’s a great way to have lots of images from an event too. Log into your event’s gallery and create a one of a kind book filled with all those memories!

Have fun creating your own books from my images and if you have time, after your order arrives, snap a quick pic of your creation. I’d love to see it!





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