kansas sunflowers sunflower fields photography

Seeking Sunflowers

A while back I noticed that I did not have any shots of a large field of Kansas sunflowers. I’m not talking about the smaller wildflowers that grow along the road side. I’m talking about the agricultural crop that produces sunflower oil, and those tasty little seeds that are so nice on the top of your salad or for snacking on at the ball game.

So I told myself to be on the look out while we were out and about for the nearest field. The way crops are rotated you’re not going to find the same thing growing in the same place every year. It’s not good for the soil and rotating the crops helps to keep some of those pests away.kansas sunflower fields sunflowers photographykansas sunflowers sunflower fields photography

Well the other day as we headed off for the 90 mile drive to a doctor’s appointment what should I see just a few miles down the road! Yep; I found my sunflowers. There was no time to stop so I made plans to seek them out the next morning.

I hope to get a chance to run back out there again before they begin to dry out for harvest. But if I don’t; at least I got a couple of shots this year!

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