Pink On The Run

Don’t you just love it when you accidently come across an awesome event? That happened to us twice the other day! The first time was while D, L, M and myself were all hanging out at #7’s house. The Topeka Race Against Breast Cancer, Inc  was holding the 2015 5K run/walk right by her house.RABC_Topeka_2015_IMG_0542

Well, always looking for an event to practice on, off we went. D and I got a few quick shots at the starting line and then found a good spot in the shade where all of us enjoyed watching the participants race by.RABC_Topeka_2015_IMG_0617

Some of these folks were taking this race very seriously while others were just having a good time helping a good cause.  I loved all the pink on the run and all the tutus!RABC_Topeka_2015_IMG_0775

From the smallest who rode along in wagons and strollers to the fastest runners at the head of the pack everyone did their part to help out a great cause.RABC_Topeka_2015_IMG_0764

As for the other event; I’ll share some of those shots tomorrow.RABC_Topeka_2015_IMG_0619

Click on the images above to view the full gallery.


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