I Haven’t Really Disappeared

I’m still here! I haven’t really disappeared off the planet.

It’s just been a very busy couple of weeks again…

traveling to see the kiddos, shooting junior high volleyball, junior high cheerleading, junior high football, getting a print made and sent off to become part of a fundraising auction for one of my favorite zoos,  a last minute shoot to cover a fundraising event, a big lunch with D’s family at Brookville, and the super blood moon eclipse.


It seems that I’ve just been following my camera wherever it takes me lately; and that’s not a bad thing.

Coming up this week/weekend there is more junior high volleyball, grade school football, and hopefully a visit to that zoo for more shots of the animals.


Then I’m sure another trip out to see the kiddos is on the calendar soon. After all their car is still making its way back across the ocean so they will need transportation for shopping and what-nots again.

K has gotten settled into his new career with the state, L has settled into the new military clothing exchange, M is up to his eyeballs in Army paperwork and settling into his new unit, (I think unit is the right word), and D (when not at work) has been keeping his camera just about as busy as I have been keeping mine!


And the doggies? Well Bella dog has been hanging out with the vet while we are away and Pablo dog is back with L and M and his newest doggy brother Kobe; they await the day they are reunited with their big doggy brothers Balto and Basco. (yes my daughter and her hubby now have 4 fur babies!)

Yep even as busy as things have been this month it’s still pretty darn awesome to have everyone back in the same state again.



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