super blood moon lunar eclipse september 2015

Super Blood Moon Eclipse 2015

I really do not have the right lens to be out shooting images of the moon, but when you have a super blood moon eclipse looking down on you, you’ve got to give it a try anyway.

So the other night D and I headed out to the edge of town to find a good spot to watch the eclipse from.

We sat up the tripods and folding chairs and got all comfy cozy. I knew the bugs would be out so I even wore a hoodie with the hood up! Take that you pesky little beasts; you didn’t get a bite of me this time.

I had my little flashlight tucked into my camera bag and it came in handy as we sat in the dark. It seemed like there was an unusual amount of cars up and down that dirt road; I just figured it was other folks looking for a place to watch the eclipse from. Once in a while one would slow down and start to turn into the ball diamond driveway where we were parked so I would click on the flashlight just so they would see that someone was already there. I didn’t want my camera getting run over!

super blood moon lunar eclipse september 2015

About the time we were getting ready to pack it up and head home another car pulled in and stopped. It was our local police. Turns out that the other cars that had been trying to get into the ball diamonds all night were teenagers looking to cause trouble. The police officer said that we had saved him a lot of work that night as the trouble makers couldn’t get to their usual spot!

Glad we could accidently help out!

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