Monthly Photo Theme Project – Minimalistic

For my first Monthly Photo Theme Project image of 2016 [January’s theme being Minimalistic] I went with the idea of Game Time.

In this image I meant for Game Time to represent family time, time spent playing a good old fashioned board game, time just for laughing and enjoying good times.

I placed several game related items on a white background and rearranged them.  More than a few times. I ended up taking away several items and finally settled on this…minimalistic minimalism in photography

So what is “minimalistic” when it comes to photography?

Minimalism in photography is open to a lot of creativity; although the basic rules of minimalism do apply.

  • Less is more.
  • All the attention should on the subject.
  • There should be no extra elements in the image to distract from the center of attention.
  • There must be a minimum number of elements.
  • All elements must represent the overall idea or symbolism of the image.

OK; I think this monthly photo theme project idea is going to fun!

Hmmmm what other ideas can be expressed with a simple minimalistic image…. I guess we’ll find out!


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