ending May with an explosion

Back in January I sat out to work on a Monthly Photo Theme project. I was going to create at least one image each moth based on the theme for that month.

Well…. I kinda totally missed that in April.

And well…

May was a crazy month around here. It was kicked off with a bang when a deer thought she could beat our blazer across the road.

She lost.

We lost D’s mother in May. She had not been well for a while; at the end she was surrounded by her husband and children when she slipped into a peaceful rest.

I’ve been dealing with a long over due journey towards a new smile with oral surgery taking place through the course of many visits to “the big city”. I’m not having a good time with the process but hanging in there!

D’s been up to his eyebrows in work preparing for The World Pork Expo so I haven’t seen much of him lately.

Well as you can see there have been a few distractions keeping me away from my little project. But now…

Things are beginning to calm down again.

The blazer has been repaired and is on the road again.

D and his sisters have been helping their dad adjust to his new life living on his own after 55 years of marriage.

I am nearly done now with just one more big appointment left and looking forward to the healing processes to be over with.

World Pork is in just a few days and will soon be but a distant memory. Until next year at this time that is.

D and I did take the afternoon off on Memorial day to just get outside. We had our own little photo safari that started at a local cemetery with the avenue of flags blowing in the wind, included a stop at the lake, and ended up with a visit to Dairy Queen for a blizzard!

May might have kicked off with a bang but I’m ending it with an explosion.  An explosion of color that is.

I decided to make use of one of my Memorial Day images to get back into my monthly theme project with May’s theme being – Color Explosion.

What better colors than Red, White, and Blue!

June has only begun but is already shaping up to be a much better month. Here’s to hoping it continues to do so!

Stars and Stripes Kaleidoscope
Stars and Stripes Kaleidoscope





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