A Few Interesting Numbers

I was taking a little break from editing the other day and decided to take a quick look at a few of my social media pages. Something I probably don’t do enough of.

While I was doing this I noticed a few numbers that I thought were interesting and wanted to share them with you.

Maybe they will help someone else decide where to spend the majority of their social media marketing hours.


Looks like G+ continues to be
a ghost town, and who really uses
LinkedIn anyway!

Now I know which ones I need to make the most use of and which ones I can kind of let slide from time to time.


As of today my numbers are:

  • 7 followers on Google Plus
  • 44 connections on LinkedIn
  • 401 (341 people and 60 other pages) have liked my Facebook page
  • 902 Pinterest followers
  • 953 Twitter followers
  • 1,400 people following this WP blog

Yes; over all those are some pretty low numbers, but now I have an idea of where the people are!

Hmm… I wonder…. is it time to look into Instagram?
Snap Chat? Periscope?



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