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From time to time someone will ask a question about KKH Photos so I thought it just might be time to add one of those frequently asked questions pages to the blog. So here we go, listed in no particular order, a few of those questions that come up in conversation.

Q. How many people work at KKH Photos?
A. Just one. KKH Photos is a sole proprietorship with just  myself doing it all. I am the only photographer, only photo editor, only social media person, only ad person, only writer… the only chief cook and bottle washer.

Q. When did you begin KKH Photos?
A. I started on this KKH Photos adventure in 2008 with a little print on demand shop through Zazzle.com, then moved into selling stock photos with Dreamstime, and eventually starting my own site through Zenfolio.

Q. Has photography always been something you have had an interest in?
A. I think the first time I was really aware of the art of photography was when I was about 10 years old. A teacher gave our class a photography assignment; if I remember correctly it was more about the chemicals used in the dark room than the actual photography. But it was that moment when the shutter clicked that I decided I wanted to be a photographer. I wanted to be the one who made those amazing images that you see in magazines like Nat Geo. Skip ahead many many years and I finally got the opportunity to begin.

Q. What types of photography do you enjoy most?
A. I enjoy stock, nature, event, and lifestyle photography. However I think the one I enjoy the most is event photography. The challenge of capturing the fun and sometimes frustrations of an event while remaining that “fly on the wall”. Have you ever just stopped and taken a good look around during a gathering to see the expressions on people’s faces, or watch how the dust flies as the horse in a rodeo races by?

Q. What is a stock photo?
A. Stock photos are professional images of common places, nature, events, landmarks, everyday objects, and even people that are bought and sold on a royalty-free basis to be used and reused for commercial design purposes. The photographer retains ownership of the images while the commercial designer has some limited usage rights. Stock photos are used for [but not limited to] things such as magazines, newspapers, billboards, advertising campaigns,  greeting cards, calendars, websites, blog posts, and even simple company newsletters.

Q. What is nature photography?
A. Nature photography encompasses a range of photography taken outdoors and devoted to natural elements such as wildlife, plants, sunsets, vast landscapes, and macro images of insects or natural textures.

Q. What is event photography?
A. Event photography includes covering every aspect of an event, from the step and repeat for quick headshots of attendees in front of a preselected backdrop to action shots of the management staff in a company softball game; and just about everything in-between. Those in-between shots might include the kitchen staff preparing a meal, corporate speakers in dimly lit conference rooms, kids enjoying the annual parade, or kittens being judged at a county fair.

Q. What is lifestyle photography?
A. Lifestyle photography is a type of photography that captures people in a more casual portrait than what you would get in a studio. Lifestyle images are people in real-life events or situations or even important milestones in life; lifestyle images capture everyday life in a more artistic manner than the everyday snapshot captured on your cell phone. The goal is to tell the story of a person or persons lives at different times and in different but everyday locations like your home or office, a favorite coffee shop, or even the kids at the playground on a beautiful spring day. Think of it as a casual portrait session on the move.

Q. What is KPPA?
A. KPPA stands for Kansas Professional Photographers Association.
KPPA is an organization dedicated to helping its members grow as professional photographers. They offer many benefits such as seminars, annual conventions, mentor-ship, and training from other members. These annual conventions and seminars include speakers from our local area to nationally known photographers.

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