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Christ, Crafts, Chorus, Campfires, and Cowboys

Christ, Crafts, Chorus, Campfires, and Cowboys – deep in the heart of Texas.

My Kansas to Texas and back again adventure ended much like it started; with snow. But the days in-between had some nice weather; mixed with a  little fog and a lot of rain on the drive back through Oklahoma.

The ladies from Christ Centered Retreats put on a great retreat at the Silver Spur Guest Ranch in Bandera, Tx. #1, #4, #5, and #7 were all involved with the preparations for this one; #1 and #4 are both on the CCR board. The ladies have worked hard to bring this non-profit to life and the hard work is paying off!

This retreat was themed Check Your Oil Ma’am and included, among others, a lesson by #4 on Thirteen Drops from the Bible. If you want to know more about CCR besure to look them up on Facebook or find their website.

I made the trip with my sisters (minus #3 who could not make it) to Silver Spur Ranch so that I could grab some images, enjoy the retreat, and check out the amazing Texas hill country. I think I accomplished all 3. I know I came home with many, many, many images for Christ Centered Retreats.

These are just a tiny sampling of the images from the weekend at the ranch; I hope they give you a good idea of all the great times that were had by all!

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From Kansas To Texas And Back – Day One

From Kansas to Texas and Back – Day One – Driving Across Kansas

This could be an interesting trip.
Crazy Kansas weather!
Driving. Started in a rain. Rain turns to snow. Snow turns to sleet. Fog moves in.
It was just spring weather a day ago now this road looks like a blizzard!
Top of the hill straight ahead. The animals are confused too.
One big ol’ buck and 3 doe run across the highway. Just around the corner. Two calves are walking in the ditch.
Maybe the wind opened a gate.
35 miles from home. A scared looking totally confused and half frozen coyote sitting near the road.
And then.
A bull! Yes. There’s a fence down. Maybe this wind has blown it over.
The dam. Must drive over the dam and pass the lake. Wind, rain, snow, slick roads.
These roads have gone from dry to wet to really wet to slick then back to dry and back to wet…
This all happens before I even get to the interstate.
Merge into traffic. Head east.
Fog comes back and WIND!
Wind hits me broad side and tries to push me off the road.
It’s a fight to keep it between the lines.
There’s a huge sign for the presidential library and museum.
I’m sure I just saw part of Ike’s face fly loose
and disappear into the fog.
More snow with the wind.
And then it stops.

Songs Of Silence —
1/160 sec – f/10 – ISO 100 – 35mm

I drive out of the storm.
Crazy strange storm.
Even by Kansas standards this was a very crazy storm.
Roads are much dryer. Fog lifts.
What was that??? Did I just drive past a field of llamas?
or was it Alpaca.
What kind of crazy storm did Kansas cook up this time?
Did I just land over the rainbow?
First stop is near.
Feels like I drove for days and it’s only lunchtime.
Lunch stop. Storm gone. Roads clear.
Final part of today’s drive is uneventful.
But that start!!!
Yep this could be a very interesting journey.