Bella Dog

 Bella dog came to live with us in March of 2007. She was about 3 months old at the time and had been living on a farm where she spent her days chasing chickens, playing with little girls, and sleeping on the couch.

She is a rescue dog. Her mother had been owned by an elderly couple who could not afford to feed her or the litter of pups she had just had. All the love in the world was not going to keep them alive so they were taken away from their owners. I feel so sad for the couple; having to give up their long time companion like that.

Bella and the rest of her family were taken to a shelter where they spent some time trying to get adopted. Their time was coming to and end and no one had adopted them yet. Could be because they were mixed breed dogs and a bit on the large side. Not cute little pocket-size pure breeds.

Thank goodness for the family from that farm. They took in the whole litter! Those lucky dogs spent the next couple of months living the life, eating lots of healthy food, getting tons of exercise and sunshine, and growing. Yep, they grew! Big ol’ lab mix with paws the size of those little girls’ fists. All but the littlest one.

Bella, or at the time “Pretty Girl”, was the smallest. The runt of the litter. About half the size of her big brothers.

The family that took them in spent lots of time caring for them and finding them good homes. We had just lost our little Max and I was looking for someone to take his place. Max? Well he’s another story.

I found Bella on the internet and after a quick visit with the vet to get some instructions on what to look for I drove about an hour to meet her. The woman who had been taking care of her drove Bella about an hour towards me and we meet in the middle.

Once I saw Bella and checked out everything the vet had told me to. There was no leaving her behind. She came home with me that day and was soon a very big part of our lives.

She is now the spoiled “little sister” to my kids. She gets so excited when they come home for a visit that she turns the house into a race track! She spends her days hanging out beside me in my little “office” or sleeping in her comfy bed (or curled up on mine!) and her evenings sleeping on the couch and watching TV with us. She loves to play with her toys, run, play fetch, hide and seek, and tug-o-war. She has learned to sit, stay, come, come to a snap or a whistle, wave, give you five, lay down, roll over, crawl, and go to bed when it’s late.

She’s a pretty smart dog and very loving. She likes to get hugs and does her best to hug you back; and at about 65 pounds she thinks she’s a lap dog. She’s also an aspiring model! L and I have both taken photos of her to use on our Zazzle products. She looks so cute as the Butterfly Hunter. 🙂

From time to time I may talk about her in a post or just post a photo of Bella so I wanted to introduce her to you. I hope you enjoy seeing and reading about our Bella Dog.


4 thoughts on “Bella Dog”

  1. I just so happened on your blog from the WP main page…and immediately noticed “Bella Dog”. I too have a Bella dog…and she is solid black. She is a far cry from 65 lbs. though! She’s a chiweenie and tipping the scales at a whopping 7 lbs. 🙂

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