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Picture Of The Week – Joseph’s Eddy

Ok; I guess a day late is better than never! I didn’t get a picture of the week post done yesterday because I was busily catching up on some much-needed keywording. 200 photos tagged in three days! Ok; so I did take a few hours off for grocery shopping and caught a movie and… but I got them all done.

I took a break from all that keywording last night to create a whole new gallery over at I filled that gallery with the fun colorful Abstracts that I’ve been creating. I gave a few of them titles right away but after all that keywording I think I ran out of words and I’ve asked my creative family to help title the rest. 🙂 So far they’ve come up with some great ideas!

So today’s picture of the week is actually a gallery of the week!

Feel free to leave your thoughts on titles for these images in the comments over at KKHPhotos or on this post. Maybe I’ll use one of your ideas too!

Joseph’s Eddy

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Fun And Easy Digital Art

I have seen some awesome digital art done by Holly over at Photo by Holly and I wondered how it was done.

Well; she has been kind to us all and created a video tutorial !! Thank you Holly!

There is no way I could improve on her instructions so I won’t even try. I’ll just tell you that if you want to know how to make these- click the link above and visit her blog.

For the three examples I’ve posted here I added a small image of the original photo so you can see what it used to be.

These are so much fun to create!

Oh, and to see another awesome example check out my friend Teri over at Images by T.Dashfield.


Oh; Teri! Won’t these make some fun greeting cards??? 😀

Hum… I see a whole new gallery coming to soon! 🙂