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Picture Of The Week – An Old Flame

Today’s picture of the week is another of my favorites; a simple black and white image that tells a different story to just about everyone who views it. I liked the way it turned out so dark but also showing the fine details in the petals of the old dried rose. I gave it the title An Old Flame because the story it seemed to tell me is one of a relationship that has stood the test of time and may be old news but is still burning brightly.

An Old Flame

10/10 – 1s – f/14 – flash fired – ISO 100

It’s not too early start thinking about holiday gifts! This image would make a great print; I’m thinking 16″ x 24″ on metallic paper ($38.00 at!).  If you haven’t seen a print on metallic paper you’ve got to check it out. It uses a combination of film and laminate layers to create a three-dimensional looking image; very nice.

An Old Flame is available in an assortment of print sizes, canvas wraps, standouts, and fotoflots. It’s also available on a variety of gift items from coasters, cutting boards, and ornaments to  magnets, mousepads, and espresso mugs! Want to do your own thing? Digital downloads are available too.


Picture Of The Week – Winter’s Garden

Since the kids are home for summer break I decided to have one of them choose this week’s picture. L was sitting near by clipping coupons for me so I opened up my photog site and said pick a number. Her first number landed me on the Black & White group; once that page was opened I said pick another number. Her second number landed me on the Ice & Snow In Black & White gallery. After L picked her third number we ended up on Winter’s Garden.

12/23/09 – 1/160 – f/4 – ISO 400 – 119mm

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