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Grandma’s Hats & Kisses

Momma liked hats. There were several of them among her treasures. We found several photos of her wearing those hats too.

Momma also had a good size number of great-grand children; some of them quite young.

One of the things that my sisters did at Momma’s memorial service/life celebration was such a great idea; that I decided to break my rule about not sharing photos from these kinds of gatherings.

I hope this gives someone else an idea of how they can help their little ones in a time of loss.

My sisters gathered up some of Momma’s hats and let the great-grand kids pick one. Then they looked through lots photos of her and found some where she was wearing the hats that they were now the proud owners of. The girls looked like polite southern belles at a tea party while they wore their grandmother’s hats during the dinner and while they visited with family and friends after.


At the end of the evening, before heading home to bed, the great-grand kids each received a silk sunflower (Momma’s favorite flower) and a colorful tube of lip balm. The kids applied a nice thick coating of the lip balm and planted great big kisses for their great-grandma on colorful papers. They wrote their names and some even wrote a little note before tucking the kisses into a tiny box.


I’m pretty sure that each and every one of those kisses reached their destination before all those little eyes closed for the night.

And the best part is… when I saw the girls the next day they were once again proudly wearing Grandma’s hats.