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Wordless Wednesday – Lily Macro

Wordless Wednesday – Lily Macro


Lily Macro image taken 2010 in Ward-Meade Park, Topeka Ks


Old Images Revisited

As I begin to get used to the new version of Photoshop and start to learn more about all the power it has I find I am in short supply of new images. Looks like it just might be time for another weekend trip; or at least a Sunday drive! But for today I opened a file from 2012 and revisited a few old images.

Oh yeah. I’m going to like this new Photoshop!

What old images should I revisit next?

blog_afternoon_sun_sunflower_8-13-12 024
Afternoon Sun


blog_Shoreline_8-13-12 006


blog_boat_on_lake_8-13-12 010
Summer Boating


blog_Stone_Shore_8-13-12 017
Stone Shore


blog_Summer_Sunflowers_8-17 100
Summer Sunflowers


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