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Tuesday Photography Challenge ~ Macro

Good evening everyone! Sorry for the late post; been a little busy around here today.

I have a fun new photo challenge for you this week – macro. Grab a random everyday object and take a closer look; what do you see? Is it soft and fluffy, hard and bumpy, shiny and sharp? Now grab your camera and your favorite lens for close-up shots; a dedicated macro lens if you are lucky enough to have one, a nice wide-angle with the ability to focus up close, or your nifty-fifty. Add an extension tube or close-up filter if you have one of those too!

Find an area of your house that is well-lit or set up some lamps or pop up your flash; or do all three! You need a lot of light for most macro shots. Set your object on a sturdy table and get that camera in as close as you can and take a few shots. You might be surprised at what you see!

Here’s my macro shot for today, it’s the smallest blades of a plain old-fashioned cheese grater laying on a piece of white copy paper. Bet you never would have figured that one out on your own. 🙂

22mm plus 12mm extension tube – pop up flash and overhead room light

1/125 – f/4.0 – ISO 200

Share your macro shots with a link in the comments!
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