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Ad Astra Stands Tall

A few days ago I was once again visiting our state capital; and this time it was the official start of Christmas! As the sun went down and the lights of the city went up the big Christmas tree was lit.

We, myself and D along with #7, had a good time walking around downtown Topeka and getting a good look at the outside of the capitol building. It always looks great in the sunshine with the light reflecting off the shiny new copper of the dome; but this time we watched as the sunset reflected off the side of the dome and those city lights came on. Yep; good ol’ Ad Astra still stands tall through the cold winter nights.

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downtown_topeka_kansas_black_and_white_photosI’ll share more shots of the Kansas State Capitol and a few random city scenes over the next couple of days; but for today, I just wanted to share these two simple black and white images.

…city sidewalks….busy sidewalks….it’s Christmastime in the city…

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