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Free Photography Book For Your Kindle

One of the awesome gifts I found under the ol’  Christmas tree this year was a little Kindle book reader. Yippee! I love new toys!

I was playing around with it the other day and found that over at Amazon you can find a large number of free books all set to download to your Kindle with just a quick click. (I’m not sure but I think that this selection may change a bit from time to time too.) Things like The Complete Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Robert Ryan; and 49 Quick Ways to Market Your business for Free by Sarah-Jane White. Ok; so my reading selections are just about as eclectic as the music on my iPhone.8 Types Of Natural Light

Among the handful of free books that I have already downloaded for later reading is one by Anne Mc Kinnell titled 8 Types Of Natural Light That Will Add Drama To Your Photographs. It’s all about using natural lighting and techniques you can use to increase the quality and dramatic effect of your  images.

I haven’t started reading it yet but I know I need to spend more time reading up on how to improve my photos so it’s there, on my new little Kindle, just waiting for me to start reading and learning more awesome photography tips!

Hum… what else can if find for this cool little thing. I could have a whole library of photography books right in my hand at any given time! Nice.

Anyone else found any good Kindle books? Let me know!


Holiday Photography Tips

Here’s a few tips that I thought I’d share about taking those Christmas tree; and other holiday photos…

1] Use natural light where you can. The only lights on for these photos were the tree lights and the little bit of late afternoon sun coming in through the heavy curtains.

2] Check your white balance and keep those whites looking white and not blue.

3] Open that aperture wide, adjust your ISO, and let in the light!

Handmade Crocheted Snowbird Ornament

1/13 – f/4 – ISO 400 – 40mm

4] Look for small details.

Handmade Crocheted Snowy Garland

 0.3 – f/4 – ISO 100 – 40mm

5] Take the wide shot.

6] Narrow that aperture for starry lights.

Handmade Crocheted Christmas Ornaments

4.5 – f/22 – ISO 100 –

7] Use a tripod to keep your camera steady while you use those slower shutter speeds.

8] Try shooting from different angles for a new perspective on things.

and mostly… just have fun capturing all the memories from this special time of year!