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Another 100 Steps

I had some time today and thought I’d take the 100 steps challenge again.

But is was cold outside. We’re talking 18 degrees and windy with a tiny bit of drizzle.

So I took my 100 steps inside the house.

Bella Dog had a great time! She thought it was a fun game of follow the leader and walked with me all over the house, sometimes in circles.

When I reached 100 steps I was standing beside a dusty bookshelf in a corner of the living room. I found this old wedding couple sitting on the shelf, covered in dust.

It was nearly 23 years ago that this couple sat on our wedding cake. Yikes, that’s a long time.100 Steps 3/10/09

Because this shot was taken indoors in low light it had quite a bit of noise. And the couple was a bit dusty.

So I took advantage of some of the noise and converted it to B&W.

I don’t do a lot of B&W but I think I’ll set a goal to try that a little more often.

I kind of like the way this one came out. Maybe it would make a good anniversary card in my Zazzle store!

Humm, sounds like a new project for later today, or sometime this week anyway.

Anyone else take the 100 step challenge yet?


100 Step Challenge

One of the blogs that I visit once in a while is Shutter Sisters. While visiting them a few days ago I came across a challenge and thought I’d participate.

The rules are simple. Pick up your camera and walk. Count each step you take and stop when you have taken 100 steps. Now without moving any further take a shot.

That’s it. Easy.

Now share your picture with others!

I decided to do this today, as soon as L got off to school and before I sat down to do some work on a web site.

My 100 steps took me from my kitchen table/studio, where my camera sits, through my house, out the back door, across the yard, up the slope, and to the railroad tracks. (The trains nearly run through my yard!)

There’s not much out there to see, especially right now with everything being dry and brown. Sometimes there’s a stray cat or even a rabbit or two. But today the only thing out there was a few old train cars.

So here’s my 100 step challenge shot for today.

100 Step Challenge 3/5/09

Now grab your camera and start walking.

Be sure to share your picture! You can post it on your blog or in your flickr gallery or some other photo sharing site. Just be sure to come back here and leave a link to it in the comments!