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Photo Challenge – How Does Your Garden Grow? – Public Gardens

According to Google maps it’s about 200 miles from my house to our state capitol. I think that’s off by a few miles but at times it seems like it’s even longer. I just got home yesterday from a trip out there and will be heading back there again in just a couple of days; the things we’ll do for our kids. 😀

While I’m there I like to head to Gage Park when I can, that’s where the zoo is; along with the zoo and other attractions there’s a beautiful memorial garden. This garden has a fun little lily pond complete with cute little frogs, a water feature with gold-fish in several colors, a bright white fountain, and rows upon rows of the best smelling roses ever.

This last trip was no exception as L and I took advantage of an unexpected day off for her and took our cameras to the park.

It seemed more like spring than fall while we walked through the garden and past other ponds in the park. We saw families having picnics, people riding bikes, friends having all important conversations about footwear, folks deep in thought, and mother’s taking birthday photos of their little toddlers all dressed in frilly outfits.

We focused our lenses on the roses, frogs, fish, and even the occasional duck, rabbit, and squirrel. I was very surprised to see so many roses still blooming; after all it was the second of October. But oh; the weather was just beautiful. It’s hard to think that it will soon be time for the snow to fly.

I’m off to catch up on a few things and get ready to hit the road again; I’ll post as I have time.


Photo Challenge – How Does Your Garden Grow? – August 2012

It has been a while since we took a look at my little container garden so I think you will be pleased to hear that several plants have survived the heat. Yes it’s a much smaller collection of containers than it was in the spring but it is still growing and some are even still blooming!

I spent some time yesterday cutting back the dead, dried up, crispy, brown bits and it looks much better today. I’ve removed a few more pots and rearranged again. I think soon I might try to pick up a few fall flowers to tuck in there.

The African Daisies went through a rough time with the heat but they seem to be holding on and even have a couple of buds. I think if they can make it just a little while longer they will come back nicely this fall.

It’s kind of funny… the new little garden mums I picked up this year have long since dried up and blown away while the old mum from 2011 has grown back nicely. I think it might just bloom before the fall is gone.

The tiny Lavender Lady, the Coreopsis, and the little Carnations have perked up some after having all the brown leaves trimmed away and getting a  nice rain the other day. They might just hang in there a while longer.

The poor Dusty Miller hasn’t grown much at all. *note to self: put dusty miller in a much bigger pot next time. The Geraniums that I thought would grow through anything are just barely hanging on and have not grown much at all. I’m thinking they might just like a larger pot next time too.

The Pentas plant is very happy in its spot near the bush. Although not blooming as much right now it is still blooming and growing nicely there in the shade.

And those Portulacas are thriving in the heat! Tons of little blooms everyday; they seem to thrive on neglect too and looked great when I got home from my last trip.


All in all I’d say it’s been a fairly successful little container garden this year (especially for my first real attempt at it) and Im already finding lots of great ideas for next spring! Check out my Pnterest page if you’d like to see some of the fun ideas I’ve found and am thinking about trying out there sometime. 😀