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52 Project 2012 – Call The Firemen! I Give Up!

Have you heard the expression “too many irons in the fire”? According to it is an old idiom meaning -juggling too many projects at once and something’s bound to fail. Such as when a black smith had too many irons in his fire, he couldn’t effectively keep track  of all of them.

Well that’s kind of how I feel some days, and right now with a couple of big Christmas projects in the works I think there are far too many irons in the fires around here.




I started this year with the best intentions of completing another 52 project but right now…

something has got to go…

and because the 52 project is about the least important thing….

it has to go.

Ok; decision made. One less iron in the fire. Now to stop running around the state and get back to work!!





52 Project 2012 ~ Ten

Here’s number 10!

We’ve had a couple of short power outages recently so the candles were sitting out an I thought that they just might make a good shot for the number 10.

The only light used for this one was the candles themselves. [and the little bit of sunlight coming in the window]

And with that I have finally caught up on my numbers; at least for a day or two.