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Photographing High School Sports

Well as you can all tell, by the few and far between nature of my posts lately, that I have been busy.

Mostly I’ve been busy following L to her volleyball matches and taking lots of pictures there. But I’ve also tried to shoot a couple of football games and a tennis match or two.

Photographer Jim Bryant has been helpful, giving me tips on how to improve my sports shots. He does some awesome work, if  you happen to be in the Port Orchard, Washington area look him up! JimBryantPhotography.Com

Thanks for the help Jim! One day I will catch up to you.

Oh, and if you are all wondering what his latest advice is and why my photos don’t look anywhere near as good as his…

It seems I have done all I can do with the equipment on hand. Now I really need to save up for a faster lens. Well that and practice for about 30 more years! and a flash wouldn’t hurt either. 🙂

Here’s a few of my favorite recent sports shots.

Anyone else been shooting high school sports lately?











For some great tips on shooting high school sports see Jim’s post at Digital Photography School!

Secrets To Capturing Nighttime Football at DPS by Jim Bryant