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Wordless Wednesday – Mud Volleyball

Mud Volleyball – Alton Jubilee – Alton Kansas – August 2016


And yes; my gear was still clean when the games were over!



Dirt Track Races

Awww Yes…. Summertime in small Kansas towns.

I know you’re thinking “What!!??” “What’s there to do in a small town in the middle of summer?”

Well sometimes there’s a lot to do. Like when the county fair rolls around.

Now; when the county fair rolls into our little town there’s no ferris wheel, there’s no roller coaster, there’s no deep fried everything on a stick. Nope. None of that.


We do have a parade, watermelon, music, horses, cattle, kettle corn, snow cones, bouncy houses, photography, crafts, a petting zoo, a ranch rodeo, dirt track races… lots more! This year we even had monster truck rides!

1/4000 sec – f/7.1 – ISO 6400 – flash fired – 55mm – Yes, I was very close to the track!
1/4000 sec – f/7.1 – ISO 6400 – 47mm

The last few years I’ve been out of town come fair time and haven’t been able to participate. But this year I was home.


Off I went camera in hand to see what sites I could capture.

1/4000 sec – f/7.1 – ISO 6400 – 40mm

The dirt track races were lots of fun to shoot even if I was covered head to toe with dirt by the time I got back to the house that night!

I really wanted to slow down the shutter and pan with the cars as they zoomed by at 100+ mph. That way I could show the motion and speed in the photos. However… when you are shooting with your lens sticking through a hole in the chicken wire fence there just isn’t enough room to pan.

1/4000 sec – f/7.1 – ISO 6400 – 97mm
1/3200 sec – f/9 – ISO 6400 – 105mm

So for the most part I shot with some fast fast shutter speeds and stopped those speeding cars in their tracks!

Not a bad job for my first attempt at shooting races! I’ll have to try it again next year and just maybe get out into the pit area where I can shoot without the fence in the way.

1/4000 sec – f/8 – ISO 6400 – 80mm

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