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When Inspiration Strikes

Have you ever looked at some everyday random object and had it remind you of something completely different? The other day I noticed a messy pile of yarn laying on the coffee table and I thought “hey that looks a lot like a pile of spaghetti noodles!”. Well; when inspiration strikes ….

A few small balls of yarn, and a few snips of the scissors later and we have…

Dinner Impostorblog_size_IMG_4298_copy

Hmmm; now what other meals can I create from piles of colorful yarn.?

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And The Award Goes To….

What a great time I had at the Kansas Professional Photographers Association Spring Shutter Expo! I feel like my brain has turned to mush after trying to pack so much information into it in such a short time. I met lots of new people, made new friends, saw some of the most amazing images, took photos of a professional fashion model, learned how to “control the sun”, entered images into the competition, came home with page after page of notes and…..

Two awards! Oh yeah, I am just a little bit happy about that.

I’m sure you remember a while back when I showed you the images I had picked to enter into my first ever competition; well I am happy to say I did OK!

My white daisy macro, White Sun, earned a third place award and I also came home with a second really cool award, the 2015 Novice Award, for my over all scores. The Novice Award is a very cool award given to the highest scoring new member entering the competition for the first time; and I am happy to have received it.Kansas Professional Photographers Association Awards

Before I tell you what scores the judges gave my images let’s look at what the scores mean…

65-69 Below Exhibition Standards
70-74  Average
75-79 Above Average
80-84 Deserving of a Merit
85-89 Excellent
90-94 Superior
95-100 Exceptional

…and how did my images do?

White Sun
White Sun

White Sun received a score of 80

Lyin' Down
Lyin’ Down

Lyin’ Down also received a score of  80

Do You Want To Play?
Do You Want To Play?

Do You Want To Play received a score of   76

Faux Bounty
Faux Bounty

 and Faux Bounty received a score of  75

Not bad for my first time around. Maybe next time I’ll see some higher numbers!

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