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One Tiny Little Visitor

The other day D and I took the cameras out to the backyard for a little bird watching. Instead of the big number and wide variety of birds I was hoping to see; we had only one tiny little visitor.

House_Finch_IMG_3715This little finch flew right up to the feeder and enjoyed a nice breakfast all by himself. No larger birds pushing him out of the way,  no crowds; Bella and Pablo didn’t even seem to notice him.

House_Finch_IMG_3712Lucky little guy ate all the fresh seeds he wanted before heading back into the trees for a mid-morning rest.

I wonder what he will think of the new piggy bird feeder? Hopefully I can get a shot of that today before the storms hit. Tune in tomorrow if you want to see what the heck a “piggy bird feeder” is!


Wordless Wednesday – House Sparrow

house sparrow birds in kansas
House Sparrow
1/400 – f/5.6 – ISO 400 – 250mm

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