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I Shot The Big Cats

I spent some time walking around the Brit SpaghZoo in Great Bend Kansas this past weekend. A little photographic safari.

This zoo has really grown in the last few years. And the amazing thing is, it’s still free to enter!King Of Beasts

I went to this zoo many times when I was a kid, and took my own kids there a few times when they were small.

They had a few monkeys, a couple old grizzly bears, a black panther, and an old bald eagle.

It use to be divided into two areas. One for smaller cages and one for the larger animals like buffalo and elk.

They still have the old grizzly bear and eagle. The buffalo is still there and so are the huge number of ducks and geese. I didn’t see the elk but I’m sure he’s still there somewhere.

But they have really done a lot of work on it.

Curious Lioness Now they have this pride of lions that have been raised right there in the zoo! The 3 lions came to live in Great Bend when they were tiny cubs. Or is it kits? They seem very comfortable there and are one of the mane, uh main, attractions.

They’ve also got a beautiful white tiger, and a flock of colorful peacocks. The peacocks are free to roam around the grounds and greet the visitors.

The zoo is now all closed into one larger area with several newly built habitats and more being built. Some of the cages are still a bit small but I’m guessing that those are temporary homes for the animals while new ones are under construction. Leopard's Gaze

It’s a nice little zoo and if you happen to be traveling down US highway 281, in the middle of Kansas, take a break and check it out.

These 3 big cats are just a few of the beautiful animals you’ll see.

I’ve added the photos I shot the other day to KKHPhotos.Com. I think they will make some awesome jigsaw puzzles! Or canvas prints for other zoo fans to enjoy. Or maybe some one will download one to use on their website! Cool.

I’ve also submitted a couple shots from Great Bend to my Dreamstime portfolio and I’m sure some will end up on Zazzle products and at RedBubble as well.

I’m just having too much fun with my photographic adventures! But I think I like shooting the big cats through the fences and plexi-glass windows. I wouldn’t want to meet one of these guys without something good and strong between us! I’ll leave the real safari shooting up to those much braver then I.