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Merry Christmas!


Deck The Halls

The Christmas decorations have been up for a while now and I thought I should also decorate the blog. I didn’t think it needed anything too fancy so I took a couple quick shots of the ornaments on our tree. I settled on this shot of a cute snowman, I hope you like it.

And in the spirit of giving I’ll give you the info for this image. Ok so it’s not really a gift but I wanted to share anyway.

Location: Darkened living room, late afternoon, only light source is a little sun through the window curtain (to the snowman’s right) and the tree lights; no flash was used.
Camera: Canon EOS Rebel XTi
Mode: Manual
Shutter: 1/60
aperture: f/2.5
ISO: 200
Lens: Canon 50mm f/1.8 II
Hand held, yes I should have at least had the monopod out but didn’t think of it at the time.
And I added the slight frame in Photo Shop, just for fun.

I posted some of my tips for holiday photos here, I hope they help you in the following weeks.

Decorating for the holidays? If you’ve added something festive to your blog please share, I’d love to see it.