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An Elephant, A Goose Pond, Sun Flare, And Photoshop

What do you get when you mix an elephant, a goose pond, and sun flare all together and have a little Photoshop fun?

You get a Summer Elephant!

Recently I spent a few days out in Topeka again. The main purpose of this trip was to puppy sit for L and M. They were in the process of moving and it’s kinda hard to clean carpets and get ready for a housing inspection with 4 dogs under foot. So… I spent a few days watching my “grandpuppies” and keeping them out of the way.

I did sneak away a few times to take the camera out and about. I made a visit to Gage Park, the Topeka Zoo, and Lake Shawnee. All very good places for photo walks.

One of the shots I came back with from the zoo was this image of an elephant. Not too exciting. It’s an old elephant in a zoo, fences and all.


I decided I’d have some fun with this one and see what I could do to change it.

Time for a little Photoshop fun!

The first step was to cut him out from the ugly ol’ zoo fence background.

blog_IMG_2026 copy

Not too difficult seeing as he is not a terribly furry creature. Hmm there may actually be a little “stock value” in an isolated shot of an elephant. May have to submit this one to the stock sites later.


An elephant on a plain white background wasn’t exactly what I had in mind for a finished image today; he needs a background.

I took a look at the other shots from this same trip and spotted this one of a couple of geese that followed me around a pond in Gage Park. Seemed like that might work so after disguising the tree stumps and rocks it became a pond for our elephant friend to visit.blog_IMG_1938

That was a good start but I felt like the lighting wasn’t working that great between the two images. I played around with the levels of each image, I tried a couple of textures, a few lighting effects… nothing really worked out.

So I opted for an overlay. I added this sun flare overlay which I think I downloaded from Coffee Shop but I really don’t remember for sure.


Once I had the sun flare added it was time for a little color adjustment. I made it easy on myself and simply added a free Photoshop action. [I don’t remember where I downloaded it from either.] This action is called Sepia Dream Scene.

Kinda gives it an old faded feel.

That works!


Now instead of another shot from the zoo in early spring; we’ve got a shot from a summer safari adventure!

Well sort of.

Don’t you just love playing around with Photoshop?!





Wordless Wednesday – Lily Macro

Wordless Wednesday – Lily Macro


Lily Macro image taken 2010 in Ward-Meade Park, Topeka Ks