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A Winter Wedding

Last Thursday L and I took off for a little shopping trip. It was time to buy a dress for prom. We drove out to #7’s place and stayed the weekend with her. There are many more shopping choices out there.Tammie & Duane's Winter Wonderland

We stopped to visit K on the way out and again on the way back. That was nice but we didn’t get to see him for very long.

While #7 was at work ST, he’s #4’s son, spent the day dress shopping with us. I’m sure he had a long boring day while his cousin chose a dress.

After the shopping was all done ST & L went to the movies while I helped decorate for a wedding. A friend of #7 was getting married the next day. They held the ceremony and dinner in a small cabin on the lake and decorated in a winter wonderland theme.

Tammie & Duane's Winter WonderlandBy the time the wedding began the next day it was a real winter wonderland outside! Just a couple of inches but it sure looked pretty on the lake. The sparkly decorations inside and the snow outside made a nice backdrop for the evening.

I did my best to take wedding photos. I think I need more practice before I try to do that again, but I might have gotten one or two that will be worth printing. And I need to remember to take the tripod next time, with the lower light I slowed the shutter and ended up with a lot of camera shake and motion blur. Hopefully I’ll do better next time! Tammie & Duane's Winter Wonderland

Anyone got wedding/event photography tips for me? I think I need them.


Best wishes to the bride and groom!