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Picture Of The Week – Diner Photo Shoot

Well, it’s a day late but I’m finally getting around to posting this week’s random photo from This morning, when I realized I hadn’t posted one yesterday, I asked on Facebook if anyone wanted to choose one and sure enough an old high school classmate chimed in and picked this cheeseburger shot from a series I took for a little diner a year or two ago.

I’m thinking this one might look pretty good on a decorative cutting board. Hum, it is just about time to start thinking about Christmas gifts isn’t it.


Sneak Peek ~ The Flying Misfits

I had a good time with the Flying Misfits this past weekend and wanted to share one of my favorite shots from the day. I like how you can see both the pilot and his plane as well as the beautiful landscape they have to fly over. All the bright colors don’t hurt either!

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