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Watercolor Painting With PS Elements 5.0 In 5 Easy Steps

I came across this tutorial the other day and gave it a try this morning; it sounded easy enough.

1) Open your photo and duplicate that background layer three times.

2) Turn off the top two layers and work on the first layer. On that first layer apply the cutout filter; Filter-> Artistic-> Cutout-> set the number of levels to around 4, edge simplicity to around 4, and edge fidelity to around 2. Change the blending mode of this layer to luminosity.

3) Turn on the next layer up. Working on this second layer apply the dry brush filter; Filter-> Artistic-> Dry Brush-> set the brush size to around 10, the brush detail to around 10, and the texture option to around 3. Chang the blending mode of this layer to screen.

4) Turn of the last layer. Working on this third layer apply the median filter; Noise-> Median-> set the radius value to around 12 pixels. Change the blending mode of this layer to soft light.

5) Flatten your image, give it a name, and save it!

Here’s a few examples of my experiments with this so far…

I think a brighter more colorful image will produce better results; I’ll have to revisit this again soon.


Fun And Easy Digital Art

I have seen some awesome digital art done by Holly over at Photo by Holly and I wondered how it was done.

Well; she has been kind to us all and created a video tutorial !! Thank you Holly!

There is no way I could improve on her instructions so I won’t even try. I’ll just tell you that if you want to know how to make these- click the link above and visit her blog.

For the three examples I’ve posted here I added a small image of the original photo so you can see what it used to be.

These are so much fun to create!

Oh, and to see another awesome example check out my friend Teri over at Images by T.Dashfield.


Oh; Teri! Won’t these make some fun greeting cards??? 😀

Hum… I see a whole new gallery coming to soon! 🙂