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It’s Almost Time To Shoot Those Fireworks Again!

Happy July!! It’s almost time to shoot those fireworks again! I’m not sure yet if we’ll make it to a fireworks show this weekend or not but I better brush up on the ol’ how to’s anyway. Just in case we do make it to one. So here we go with what seems like an annual thing… My ever improving list of tips for photographing fireworks.

  • Give your lens a good cleaning before you head out. There will be enough smoke and dust in the air you don’t need to start with it on your glass.
  • Securely attached your camera to a sturdy tripod.
  • Use a shutter release cable to avoid creating movement.
  • If your camera has a long exposure noise reduction setting in the menu; use it!
  • Shoot in manual mode or better yet; Shoot in Bulb mode and with exposure times from 1/2 a second to 3 or even 4 seconds. Experiment with longer exposures by using a baseball cap to cover the lens between bursts. Careful not to bump your camera! With practice you can capture more than one in a single image.
  • Set your ISO low; 100 or 200  works well for this job.
  • Set your aperture somewhere between f/13 to f/18.
  • Shoot with a wide lens something around 28mm works well. Maybe even try a few little narrower shots like 45mm or 50mm to really fill the frame.
  • Switch your lens to manual focus and set it at infinity.
  • Be sure to pack extra batteries, a small flashlight, a comfy folding chair or a nice big blanket, a cold drink, and plenty of insect repellent! Just don’t spray the repellent around your gear and wash it off your hands before you start setting up your camera. We wouldn’t want any greasy fingers on our gear now would we?

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