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I’ll Love You Forever

A quiet Sunday afternoon with Bella Dog.

500 channels and not a thing on to watch!
Hey, hows about you fix us a nice tasty snack.
WHAT!!! What do you mean the couch is for people?
But I am a people. Aren’t I??
Pleeeeasssse let me stay, I’ll love you forever!

Simple Black And White

WOW!! My photos inspired a poem!!

Susan H. (aka #3) was looking at some of my black and white photos and wrote a poem.

Now that’s cool!

Simple Black and White

We remember when our world was white
With lightning streaks in sight of black,
And not a host of grays to track,
To muddle-up our days.
Nostalgia makes our memories dearer;
Nights seem brighter; days seem clearer.
We remember times “back then”
When life was simply living;
Life was loving, working, giving –
Play by day and pray by night,
When wrong was wrong and right was right.
We see the black each time
We remember when our world was white.
I once knew the way of simple black and white
But now without the gray the contrast is too bright
Almost cartoonish, edges stark –
The white too light, the black too dark.
I need some shades of gray to soften
Like the halos seen so often
‘Round the once hard edges auras
Make a slight off-white distortion
This my part of marbled portion
Round the black a charcoal hue
Can blend the soot – so black it’s blue
Gray adds luster to my life
Once I quit recalling simple black and white.

By Susan R Holmes
23 Dec 2009

Thanks Susan!!