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I Have Good Excuses. Really I Do!

Hmmm. My last post was in February! On Valentine’s day to be exact. Sorry to have gone missing on you again it seems that happens a lot lately.

But I have good excuses. Really I do!
Just give me a minute to explain.

My Excuses Are As Follows:
mostly in chronological order because I just looked at the calendar to see where the heck the last 2 months have gone.

*biopsy results to talk about with the Doctor that would later do the surgery
*another epidural spinal injection [Oh, in case you were wondering, yes the second one hurts a lot more than the first.]
*a newly forming women’s craft group to kick off
*the aforementioned surgery to remove those suspicious spots tested with that biopsy
*a weekend trip to see the kiddos, and for D to help K with some car trouble
*fall craft fairs to get signed up for
*that new Photoshop painting technique to play around with and practice on; just wait till you see what I’m painting now!!!
*the follow up to hear the pathology results [yes it could come back, yes it could get worse, but NO meds and NO oncology this time!!]
*a week of dog sitting for 2 of my “grandpuppies”
*a follow up CT for my breathing issues [yep, we all know this getting old business really sucks. Welcome to the COPD club!]
*a new crochet pattern for a life size baby doll found, skin tone yarns purchased, and two arms already done [I must remember to share a picture or two of this one with you all when it’s completed]
*an awesome KPPA photo safari to Castle Rock and Monument Rock [I hope to have images ready to share soon!! It really is a beautiful part of the state to see even if it is way out west in the middle of a field of cattle.]

—As a bonus tip we learned that cattle are not the best conversationalist nor do they give very good directions.

Castle Rock Kansas
Castle Rock – Kansas

*and tonight will bring something completely new to me… Women In Agriculture. Tonight’s program is all about freezer meals. Nice!

So you see; I really haven’t been ignoring you. Just a bit preoccupied.

See ya soon with a few more images from those big beautiful rocks!