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I am the guinnea pig, and I love it.

It’s a zebra kaleidoscope! Ok; this one is just a bit strange. 😀


One of the wonderful benefits of being married to a photographer, is that from time to time I get to test out how-to’s.    K is quite the photographer and when she discovers something neat either with taking the photograph or processing it,  she writes it up.

Being as I am the proverbial dummy with regards to digital photography, K believes that if I can follow the write up and achieve a respectable result, then  the write up is good enough.  So recently, she had me look at a Kaleidoscope write up she posted to her blog.

In this write up, I was to select a photo to be made into a Kaleidoscope image.   I intentionally chose a zebra photo that didn’t comply with her suggestions.   I followed the steps in the posting.  The resulting image is just weird.  Guess that’ll teach me.

Zebra nightmare Zebra nightmare

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