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A Sneak Peek At The New Updated Variety Shop

zazzle store front kkh variety shopAll those worker bees over at Zazzle have been very busy lately! They have been designing a nice new store front just for me!

Ok; so not just for me. All the Zazzle stores out there will be getting a fresh new look. And a few new features.

I thought I’d take a break from working over at KKH Photos Variety Shop to give you a little sneak peek at the new store front that will be launched soon.

The first new feature, that I’m sure you will notice when the new store fronts go live, is the addition of a featured collection. Now I, as a Zazzle shop keeper/designer, will have the ability to create collections of products and feature one of those collections right at the top of the page. What that means is that Zazzle shops can now quickly and easily show off a few seasonal products when appropriate. For example if the new store front were to go live today you would see a Back To School collection right there at the top of the page. And when Halloween rolls around I will have the ability to show you a collection of fun Halloween products as soon as you “walk in the door”! Now that’s going to help us out so much by making it easier to find those products that are most relevant to any particular day. [providing of course that I have created products for that season/holiday/or event.] 😀

You will also see tabs right there at the top of the page. One tab for the Home page where you’ll see that featured collection to start; followed by  product Categories, other Collections, the latest Products Sold, and the latest Products Created. Or at least a sampling of all these things with a link that will take you to the complete lists.

The second tab you’re going to see on the new store front Home page will be a Products tab. That page will show you all the product Categories that I have sat up in my shop followed by a sampling of products that you can sort by popularity, newest, lowest price, and highest price.

You are also going to find a Collections tab at the top of the page.  Collections are just another way to easily find the type of items you are shopping for. I have only begun to build collections but if this new shop were to go live today you could find a Back To School collection, a Halloween collection, and even the start of a Thanksgiving collection. The great thing about these is that they can be added to and updated from time to time! What would you like to see a collection of? Supplies for a T-Rex party perhaps?

And that last tab there will be one of those About Tabs. You know the kind. Every site has one!

Well folks, I need to get back over to the shop. I’ve got more collections to create, products to organize, and Holiday items to finish moving from the old store.

Have a great evening and I’ll try to come back here and make a post when the new store front goes live. It should be very soon now!