F-Stop On The Rocks

More Kansas Professional Photographers Association Fun!! Back at the end of April D and I joined a few other KPPA members out in the western part of Kansas for an F-Stop On The Rocks.

F-stops are fun meetups for KPPA members. A chance to visit and learn from each other. This F-stop included beautiful views of western Kansas at Castle Rock and Monument Rock, a stop at Dairy Queen, a tasty picnic supper, and just a little driving. Well for us the drive wasn’t that bad but for the members who traveled from the east side of the state… well they had some driving to do!!

Most F-stops include a model or two so we have someone to aim all those cameras at. This time we had 3 young models who stuck with us all day doing their best to smile while standing up against the Kansas wind; they had a great time with the parachute! The girls will each receive a nice collection of images from a dozen photographers for all their hard work.

I somehow managed to get individual shots of only 2 of the girls. Not sure how I missed the 3rd but I was roaming around taking pictures of the rocks. Guess their image collections won’t be exactly even. Sorry about that girls!!

Other than the strong, no let’s make that STRONG!, Kansas winds we had a beautiful day for our F-stop. It’s a good thing we didn’t wait a week because a week later that part of the state was under 14″ of snow!!

-more pictures of the rocks coming soon- well not too soon I’m off for some more fun; this time to east side of the state!


I Have Good Excuses. Really I Do!

Hmmm. My last post was in February! On Valentine’s day to be exact. Sorry to have gone missing on you again it seems that happens a lot lately.

But I have good excuses. Really I do!
Just give me a minute to explain.

My Excuses Are As Follows:
mostly in chronological order because I just looked at the calendar to see where the heck the last 2 months have gone.

*biopsy results to talk about with the Doctor that would later do the surgery
*another epidural spinal injection [Oh, in case you were wondering, yes the second one hurts a lot more than the first.]
*a newly forming women’s craft group to kick off
*the aforementioned surgery to remove those suspicious spots tested with that biopsy
*a weekend trip to see the kiddos, and for D to help K with some car trouble
*fall craft fairs to get signed up for
*that new Photoshop painting technique to play around with and practice on; just wait till you see what I’m painting now!!!
*the follow up to hear the pathology results [yes it could come back, yes it could get worse, but NO meds and NO oncology this time!!]
*a week of dog sitting for 2 of my “grandpuppies”
*a follow up CT for my breathing issues [yep, we all know this getting old business really sucks. Welcome to the COPD club!]
*a new crochet pattern for a life size baby doll found, skin tone yarns purchased, and two arms already done [I must remember to share a picture or two of this one with you all when it’s completed]
*an awesome KPPA photo safari to Castle Rock and Monument Rock [I hope to have images ready to share soon!! It really is a beautiful part of the state to see even if it is way out west in the middle of a field of cattle.]

—As a bonus tip we learned that cattle are not the best conversationalist nor do they give very good directions.

Castle Rock Kansas
Castle Rock – Kansas

*and tonight will bring something completely new to me… Women In Agriculture. Tonight’s program is all about freezer meals. Nice!

So you see; I really haven’t been ignoring you. Just a bit preoccupied.

See ya soon with a few more images from those big beautiful rocks!


Life Lit Up

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