Campus Photo Shoot

While we were visiting the birthday boy over the weekend I took a walk around campus.

There are some beautiful old buildings there and I shot a few of them for submitting to Dreamstime. Hopefully they are good enough! I guess we’ll know when they have been reviewed in a week or so.

There is also a large population of huge black crows and well feed squirrels running all over the place.

I didn’t catch a shot of the crows but this fuzzy little guy was only too happy to pose for a photo shoot of his own.

Squirrel On Campus


Rock Stars

Have you ever spent time in a car full of kids? I don’t mean just your own kids with their constant “he’s touching me!” and “make her stop!” and “it smells funny in here”. I mean a car full of kids who are a bunch of unrelated classmates and friends.

I have. Many times over. I was thinking last night, about all the time spent in a car full of kids over the years. We were on our way home from a ball game with 3 teenage girls.

I remembered a time not so long ago that one of those girls, L, was in Brownie Scouts. I was driving a noisy van full of grade school girls down the highway on our way home from a field trip. One of the girls, ML, fell asleep in mid sentence. She was talking and just fell asleep! She woke up several miles later and finished her sentence like no time had passed at all. The other girls started laughing but poor ML had no clue what was going on.

I remembered riding in a mini bus full of Cub Scouts on our way home from yet another field trip. On this particular trip one of the boys, NL, had been walking near the fence of a lion cage when the lion let out a GROWL. // and*NL had not seen the animal and so the sound scared him half to death and he jumped back. This time the boys had a good laugh. That lion provided a lot of entertaining conversations on the ride home.

I had thought, back then, that younger kids were funny. But  now that I have spent  many hours in a car with high school girls, I have decided that older kids are much more entertaining.

While riding home late in the evening with teenage girls you hear some of the funniest conversations of all time. OK, to their credit it is at the end of another long day. These girls are busy with school, volleyball, basketball, work, clubs, homework, friends… They go full steam ahead 24/7.
Volleyball Game On Poster @*

So, when these girls are tired, you’ll hear things like “what if you got paralyzed from the neck down and you had your arms attached to your neck and…” somehow that conversation ended with the entire body being turned upside down with the, uh um… how do I put this. It ended with the backside where the face should be and talking… well I’ll leave the rest of that up to your imagination. L laughed so hard that night, she could hardly breath. Poor KR, they still give her a hard time about that one.

Oh, back to last night. My rambling thoughts were interrupted by the trio of voices coming loudly from the back seat. The girls were singing, at the top of their lungs, along with the mp3 player.

“na-na-na-na-na-na-na…I got a brand new attitude…na-na-na-na-na-na-na…I wanna start a fight…So what? I’m a ROCK STAR. I got my rock moves…”

Did anyone pack the pain killers? For some reason I’ve got another headach.

Rock On Girls!

Life Lit Up

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