Photography Tips

This page is where I’ll post links to all those great photography tips I find on-line!

If you have a link to a great tip you would like to share just leave it in the comments!

Big THANKS to all the wonderful photographers out there who are willing to share their knowledge with the rest of us.

Links listed in no particular order.

DPS — 21 Settings, Techniques & Rules All New Camera Owners Should Know

PBase.Com — The Basics of Photography

deviantART — Basic Exposure Settings by Tiberius47

DPS — Digital Photography Tips For Beginners

PopPhoto.Com — 20 Easy Techniques For Improving Your Photos

DPS — How To Reduce Camera Shake


5 thoughts on “Photography Tips”

  1. I’m chuckling here on my side of the computer because of how similarly we have our sites set up. 🙂 I have listed many of the same information as well. Forgive this coming off as a shameless plug, but I have several links on my site that you may want to check out if you’re looking for additional resources. I won’t link to it…I’ll just let ya look for it if you want to. No pressure. 🙂

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