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Fifty New Stock Images At Dreamstime!

aircraft_stock_photosIt’s been a busy month for me on the stock photo side of things. I have submitted several images to Fotolia, 123RF, and Dreamstime over the last couple of weeks. There are still a few left out there for the sites to finish their review process buffalo_kansas_prarie_stock_photoon but I’m pretty happy with the results so far. 50! That’s FIFTY, as in five-oh, new images have already been added to my Dreamstime portfolio this month.

dim_hotel_room_stock_photoThat’s a big boost!

I’ve added wallabys, a gibbon, chimpanzees, a colorful peacock portrait, a powerful lion, a pale pink flamingo, a dark hotel room, disc golf, proud_lion_close_up_stock_photoartificial food, antique toys, isolated objects, black and white images, our fuzzy teddy bear working as a photographer, that creepy abandoned house, helicopter shots, aircraft, eagle-med, softly lit sunflowers, a Kansas prairie silhouettecrop_duster_air_plane_stock_photo, a beautiful lake, a frightening military image, a good ol’ Kansas crop duster planedelicate spring blossoms and more, more, more!

vintage_fast_food_mc_donalds_neon_sign_stock_photoYep; it’s been a good month over at Dreamstime.com.

Let’s hope I can continue to build up that portfolio even more in the weeks ahead.

This collection of stock photos can be found at Dreamstime.com and can be downloaded by clicking the images and links above to be
taken directly to their stock photo pages.


Lions In The Shade

I’m back again. We had a good time visiting Topeka this past weekend. #7 must feel like her house is a hotel with a revolving door at this point. You know I can’t pass up an oportunity to visit the zoo and this trip was no exception. However it was a little more fun than usual as D was also pointing the lens at our furry and feathery friends; and #5 had the day off so she was able to go along!


Caged Lioness

It was hot and humid and the weather was just yucky; many of the animals were being smarter than us humans and taking long naps in the shade. The lions were taking full advantage of all the shade trees in and around their enclosure to help them keep cool. I’m not sure why, but for some reason, the male lion was doing something I’ve never seen a lion do before. As he slept very close to his large viewing window he was sucking on his tail; just like a child sucking on his thumb.


Lion's Paw

I wondered if he was just very hot and that is how he soothed himself to sleep; or was he stressed about something? I have no idea but maybe someone out there can fill me in.