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Photo Challenge – How Does Your Garden Grow? – Public Gardens

According to Google maps it’s about 200 miles from my house to our state capitol. I think that’s off by a few miles but at times it seems like it’s even longer. I just got home yesterday from a trip out there and will be heading back there again in just a couple of days; the things we’ll do for our kids. 😀

While I’m there I like to head to Gage Park when I can, that’s where the zoo is; along with the zoo and other attractions there’s a beautiful memorial garden. This garden has a fun little lily pond complete with cute little frogs, a water feature with gold-fish in several colors, a bright white fountain, and rows upon rows of the best smelling roses ever.

This last trip was no exception as L and I took advantage of an unexpected day off for her and took our cameras to the park.

It seemed more like spring than fall while we walked through the garden and past other ponds in the park. We saw families having picnics, people riding bikes, friends having all important conversations about footwear, folks deep in thought, and mother’s taking birthday photos of their little toddlers all dressed in frilly outfits.

We focused our lenses on the roses, frogs, fish, and even the occasional duck, rabbit, and squirrel. I was very surprised to see so many roses still blooming; after all it was the second of October. But oh; the weather was just beautiful. It’s hard to think that it will soon be time for the snow to fly.

I’m off to catch up on a few things and get ready to hit the road again; I’ll post as I have time.


Shootin’ In The Heat

I had a chance to take a long weekend and visit family and friends the other day. I looked forward to some photo opportunities while I was there.

I didn’t know it was going to be sooooo dog gone hot and humid!

I wanted to take my time wondering around the zoo, and the botanical gardens and shoot lots of images. That didn’t happen as planned. The heat and humidity made us hurry through and didn’t really allow enough time to get those nice shots I wanted.

At least the air conditioner felt good once we were back inside, and that cherry malt sure tasted good!

The few Ward-Meade park photos I have online are at KKHPhotos.com, this one is called Little Red Caboose. (I know; I’m so original.)