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Monthly Photo Theme Project – Minimalistic

Monthly Photo Theme Project Minimalistic – #2

We had a nice snowfall last night and all that white got me to thinking about my Monthly Photo Theme Project and how this month’s theme is Minimalistic.

Nothing like a landscape of all one color to turn the whole world into a minimalistic scene.

blog_minimalism_ photography_IMG_9726
105mm – 1/320 sec – f/4.0 – ISO 400

Today’s photo theme project image is titled A Winter Home.

While I doubt that there is anyone living in this bird house right now it would surely be warmer than being out on the freezing snow covered branches today!

Maybe someone will move in before winter is over.

 Minimalism in photography is open to a lot of creativity; although the basic rules of minimalism do apply.

  • Less is more.
  • All the attention should on the subject.
  • There should be no extra elements in the image to distract from the center of attention.
  • There must be a minimum number of elements.
  • All elements must represent the overall idea or symbolism of the image.

A Good Crop

“ Twelve significant photographs
in any one year is a good crop.”

~Ansel Adams

If even Ansel Adams, one of the masters of photography, didn’t expect to get any more than 12 great photographs in a year. How could I expect to accomplish even half of that!?

I took a quick look through a few photos from each month of 2015 just to see if could come up with my own “good crop”. While they may not have any real significance they have all been a significant part of my life over the last 12 months.

So here ya go… my good crop, 2015 re-lived.

jan_IMG_1437January, 2015 – a music box arrives all the way from Germany.

feb_2015_IMG_2601February, 2015 – the Tin Man watches over visitors at a garden show.

March_2015_IMG_3512March, 2015 – a sad lonely raccoon longs to be released from his tiny enclosure.

april_IMG_4156April, 2015 – a young model helps teach about dramatic lighting.

may_IMG_4934May, 2015 – a hot steamy day deep in the workings of a busy power plant.

june_2015_IMG_6491_black_whiteJune, 2015 – history re-visited at an old fort.

july_IMG_7543July, 2015 – an even younger model helps teach, this time it’s senior portraits.

aug_2015_IMG_8713August, 2015 – the mud flies at a wet and wild volleyball tournament.

sep_2015_IMG_1544September, 2015 – 5o photographers shooting in high speed to capture the jumps and spins of a college dancer makes an awesome sound!

oct_2015_IMG_4644_16x9October, 2015 – a beautiful beast is ready for his close-up.

nov_2015_after_dark_IMG_8437November, 2015 – things look very different after dark.

dec_IMG_9224December, 2015 – lady bullpups fight their way to victory.

What a year! I wonder if Ansel would be proud.