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What Do You Know About Sub-Bituminous Coal – A Little Science Lesson

Recently I spent an afternoon shooting coal. I discovered that making a chunk of black stuff on a plain white background look interesting is a bit of a challenge.

stock photos sub-bituminous coal isolated

I also discovered that I know very little about coal. In fact I didn’t even know there are more than one type of the stuff! Good thing the folks at the power plant told me what kind this was or I wouldn’t even know how to begin tagging these images.

So just for fun I decided to look up a few facts about coal; sub-bituminous coal to be exact.

coal isolated on white stock photos prints downloads

  • Sub-bituminous coal is a type of coal primarily used as fuel for steam-electric power generation.
  • Sub-bituminous coals may be dull, dark brown to black, soft and crumbly at the lower end of the range, to bright jet-black, hard, and relatively strong at the upper end.
  • Their relatively low density and high water content renders some types of sub-bituminous coals susceptible to spontaneous combustion.
  • Sub-bituminous coals, in the United States, typically have a sulfur content less than 1% by weight, which makes them an attractive choice for power plants.
  • Sub-bituminous deposits are found in the U.S., Canada, Brazil, Germany, Russia, Ukraine, Australia, and China.
  • and if you are very naughty you just might get coal in your Christmas stocking!

And now that we have had our science lesson for the day; I’ll get back to editing.

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