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The Places Your Camera Can Lead You

Most of us in the US are so used to having electricity that we simply take for granted when we flip on that switch it will be there. It will light our lights, freeze our ice-cream, heat our soup, and run our computers. But do you ever think about where that electricity comes from?

I recently had the opportunity to visit one of the many locations where our electricity is generated and met a few of the people who make it all happen.blogcopyIMG_9391

It was
pretty dang cool!

I enjoyed watching all the machinery that it takes just to get the process started; and I never really thought about how combustible coal is. Did you know they keep that stuff moving around just so it doesn’t burst into a giant fire ball right there in the coal yard!

I did a little reading online the other day and found out that, at some plants, the giant pulverizer that grinds the coal does so in a way that turns that stuff into a powdery substance; kind of the texture of talcum powder.


YIKES! and I was standing right there where they push the coal into that thing!!

Don’t you just love the places your camera can lead you?


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