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Monthly Photo Theme Project – Black and White

It’s time to visit my Monthly Photo Theme Project again…

the theme for February is Black and White.

We had a little spring like weather on Valentine’s day so D and I headed off to the lake to take the cameras for a walk. There was a beautiful blue sky, a little ice left on the water, a few campers about, and more birds flying overhead than I could even begin to count.

I worked on capturing the blue sky and the sparkle of the ice but I did remember to  look for subjects that I felt would make a good black and white print.

Songs Of Silence -- 1/160 sec - f/10 - ISO 100 - 35mm
Songs Of Silence —
1/160 sec – f/10 – ISO 100 – 35mm

This sparse scene caught my eye as a potential black and white and I think that it works out nicely this way. After all besides the blue sky everything else here was already very monochrome.

You can see more from Waconda Lake over at KKHPhotos.com.



Old Images Revisited

As I begin to get used to the new version of Photoshop and start to learn more about all the power it has I find I am in short supply of new images. Looks like it just might be time for another weekend trip; or at least a Sunday drive! But for today I opened a file from 2012 and revisited a few old images.

Oh yeah. I’m going to like this new Photoshop!

What old images should I revisit next?

blog_afternoon_sun_sunflower_8-13-12 024
Afternoon Sun


blog_Shoreline_8-13-12 006


blog_boat_on_lake_8-13-12 010
Summer Boating


blog_Stone_Shore_8-13-12 017
Stone Shore


blog_Summer_Sunflowers_8-17 100
Summer Sunflowers


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