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Main Street After Dark

So what’s a pair of photographers to do when their plans to go outdoors after dark and grab a couple of night shots of old rundown buildings gets interrupted by bitter cold November winds?

Put on an extra pair of socks and go!

According to the weather app on my phone, which is usually spot on, it was 27 degrees outside when D and I headed out for a little night photography.

night photography with flash
Canon EOS 7D – 1/100 – f/4 – ISO 100 – 35mm – Canon 430EX II Speedlite fired – handheld

Sometimes things don’t go as planned but we still came away with a few interesting images; even if I was shivering and could no longer feel my fingers as I pressed the shutter release.

Oh we weren’t the only ones crazy enough to be outdoors that night. Main street brought us a study stream of cars driving by most of them slowing down just long enough to see who the heck was standing in the middle of the road.

It’s ok everyone; it’s just me again.

photography using flash at night
Canon EOS 7D – 1/100 – f/8 – ISO 100 – 28mm – Canon 430EX II Speedlite fired – handheld

One even stopped long enough for the driver to get out and ask if we were working for Google or if the buildings were scheduled to be torn down soon; and just why the heck were was I standing in the cold taking pictures anyway?

night photography
Canon EOS 7D – 1/80 – f/4.5 – ISO 100 – 26mm – Canon 430EX II Speedlite fired – handheld

Yep it’s a small town and when someone does something a little different everyone has to know about it.

Hey; at least we didn’t have a police visit this time!


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I Should Have Had My Umbrella!

Have you ever sat right in the middle of a firework show? I mean right there close to where they are lighting them off? Yep. That happened. D and I went to the firework show in his home town on the 4th of July and let’s just say I should have had my umbrella!

The fireworks were sat up in a line across a practice football field. The line was as long as the field is wide and I’m guessing about 4 feet across the other way. It was a lot of fireworks!

blog_IMG_7045 copy
4 sec – f/16 – ISO 160 – 32 mm

The spectators were very close. In fact some were just across the little dirt road; just yards away from the line of awaiting fireworks. We sat on the edge of that same little dirt road but a bit further down. Still very close.

We got the cameras sat up and ready to go. Had the blanket spread out and my bright pink chair…all comfy cozy. It was even on the cool side and some spectators had blankets to cover themselves with. What I didn’t know is that those blankets were not in anticipation of cooler weather when the sun went down; but were for the duck and cover that they knew might be soon needed.

blog_IMG_6970 copy
2 sec – f/16 – ISO 160 – 25 mm
blog_IMG_6971 copy
2 sec – f/16 – ISO 160 – 22 mm
blog_IMG_7018 copy
3 sec – f/16 – ISO 160 – 17 mm

We waited until the sun went down and then the first bright, no make that BRIGHT!! blast went off and lit up the sky. Something landed on my arm. I thought “Ugh the bugs have come out!” . I looked and it was no bug. It was a piece of a cardboard tube about 2 inches around and about 3 inches long, it was hollow and the end was fanned out where the firework had blasted its way out and up into the sky.

blog_IMG_7051 copy
1 sec – f/16 – ISO 160 – 32 mm

I barely had time to think “hey we might want to move” before the next blast and more debris. Then it was on. With each blast more and more debris rained down. And this was no ordinary small town show with one blast at a time and the crowd pausing to oooh and awwwh. This was near mayhem! Multiple large colorful blast going off at the same time, the entire time. We were pelted with more and more debris with each thundering blast. And the finale! The finale was like being inside a whirlpool of explosions; a maelstrom of colorful embers. It was awesome. Maybe not so awesome for my firework photography and usual method of slow slow shutter speeds; but awesome to see, feel, and actually be right there in the heart of it all.

A few souvenirs from the show! This is what was raining down on us.

Next time I’ll take the umbrella!

See all my images from the 2015 Ellinwood, Kansas fireworks show at KKHPhotos.com.

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