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#ThrowbackThursday And A New Menu

It’s been like one big Throw Back Thursday around here for the last several days. I have been re-categorizing all the posts on the blog. Yes; all the way back to the beginning in 2009.

Prairie SunriseThe oldest post still on the blog today is nothing more than a sunrise image taken on the edge of town and a poem, “Up in the Morning Early” , it links to a poster over at Zazzle that isn’t even there any more. But the poem is still nice. Hmm I guess that was before I knew anything about watermarks.

It’s was crazy how many posts I got in such a hurry to publish and didn’t place in a category at all and how many of them that somehow ended up in the wrong category and were lost in the archives never to be seen again.

Kind of like this post from 2009… “Danger Will Robinson Danger”. A old studio lightscautionary tale about the use of old equipment. Man I can still hear that sound!

In 2009 I even though it was a good idea to have a category for photography related posts. What the heck was I thinking? The whole blog is photography related!! That needed to be separated into many categories.

I mean there is a difference between “Shootin’ In The Heat” and Winter Photography. Little Red Caboose

It was a long task but once it was completed I didn’t stop with well enough. Nope. I put those new categories to work for us in a new category menu. If you are on a desktop you should see it over on the left, if you’re on a mobile device it will most likely show up way down at the bottom. Just keep scrolling. It’s there.

Why has this project been like a big #TBT ?

Because it’s been very entertaining to see how things have change over the last few years.

How many times have I worked over the look of the blog? Made different social media icons? Changed the watermark? Reinvented the types of posts that go on the blog?

Oh, I’m sure I’ll still share a recipe or two from time to time and blog_minimalism_ photography_IMG_9726there will be more on using social media, and marketing ideas,  and thoughts about the photography business in general. But I’m thinking I need to do more personal photography projects this year and less photography challenges.

And my how the images have changed; all for the better I hope.

These new categories and sub-categories and the new menu to go along with them should make it much easier for you and me to find those old posts and revisit some of those “old days”.

Bella DogJust don’t laugh to loudly when you start getting way back there; after all I Learned It All From My Dog!



Monthly Photo Theme Project – Minimalistic

Monthly Photo Theme Project Minimalistic – #2

We had a nice snowfall last night and all that white got me to thinking about my Monthly Photo Theme Project and how this month’s theme is Minimalistic.

Nothing like a landscape of all one color to turn the whole world into a minimalistic scene.

blog_minimalism_ photography_IMG_9726
105mm – 1/320 sec – f/4.0 – ISO 400

Today’s photo theme project image is titled A Winter Home.

While I doubt that there is anyone living in this bird house right now it would surely be warmer than being out on the freezing snow covered branches today!

Maybe someone will move in before winter is over.

 Minimalism in photography is open to a lot of creativity; although the basic rules of minimalism do apply.

  • Less is more.
  • All the attention should on the subject.
  • There should be no extra elements in the image to distract from the center of attention.
  • There must be a minimum number of elements.
  • All elements must represent the overall idea or symbolism of the image.