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I Have A New Toy!

I have a new toy!

It’s called Adjust. It’s an awesome little addition to Photoshop by Topaz Labs. I won a copy of Topaz Adjust at the Kansas Professional Photographers Association Fall Expo back in September.

I finally was able to, with the help of D, get it downloaded and installed last night. Today I had a little play time with it and as I explored some of what it can do I pulled up a sunrise image from a recent visit to #4’s farm.

A few tweaks and a slight adjustment or two and we now have an image I have titled Magic Morning.


I can see that this is new toy is going to become a very useful tool; once I learn how to use it!

Big thanks to the KPPA board members and everyone else involved in putting on the Fall Expo. I had a great time and learned a few new things too.

Now to get ready for the next KPPA event. I think Topaz is going to be a big help with that!


Picture Of The Week – Three Crosses At Sunrise

This image was created as part of a project for #1’s church a few years ago.

One very cold January morning I sat up on a hill about 15 miles out-of-town, in the middle of no where, in the dark, with only my photography assistant Bella dog for company, and waited for the sun to rise. I took a shot of the sunrise every so often as the sky began to lighten. It made for an awesome series and she used it on some of her retreat materials; tucked away in the bottom corner of the pages of a little book the women could watch the sunrise anytime they wanted to by simply flipping through the pages. Pretty creative sis!

A few days after I took the sunrise photos, and at another location about 25 miles in another direction, L and I took a little hike up the bluffs to a spot where these three crosses stand.

A little Photoshop magic and you have… Three Crosses At Sunrise.

The large blank area at the bottom gave #1 space to add any text that she wanted to for her project. I think the ladies of her church way down there in Texas were pleased with the results and enjoyed a Kansas sunrise.

Three Crosses At Sunrise Composite Revised


Three Crosses At Sunrise Composite


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