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A Fun New Adventure For KKH Photos!

A fun new adventure for KKH Photos has begun!

I have set up at my first vendor event and shared the space between KKH Photos and KKH Crafts. This first event was a small one. Small is always a good way to start on a new adventure! And it was close to home as well. Bonus!

I called in re-enforcement for the day in the form of siblings #4 and #7. It’s always a good idea to have extra hands when beginning a new adventure.

We arrived at the location, the Smith County Fairgrounds in Smith Center Ks, just minutes before 8am and was told where to set up. The first step was to man-handle the canopy and put up the sidewalls. Thank goodness for truth in advertising because this new canopy really is easy to set up. I added 7.5 lb weights to the legs in anticipation of the Kansas wind blowing. But in reality it behaved itself all day. Nice!!

The event coordinator had allowed a 2 hour set up time before the “gates” were open to the public and… we managed to set up in about 1 hour and 58 minutes. Hmmm. I’m going to have to get faster at that task! Especially if I will be attending these kinds of things alone. Either that or grow a couple more pairs of arms! 😀

At 10am the 2nd annual Spring Chicken Festival officially began. There was a poultry and rabbit show, a buy sell and trade event, vendor booths, a mini “train” ride, an egg toss, demonstrations on egg candling, gardening, and worms! There were doves released, a giant chicken for a photo op with the kids, Donald Duck made an appearance, there were crafts, face painting, snow cones, funnel cakes, chicken on a stick… Everything you’d expect from an event like this!

We had a nice amount of people stop by the booth to have a look around. On the KKH Photos side a few notecards, postcards, and magnets went to new homes. A few business cards were handed out. A few free candies enjoyed. A few new Facebook friends made. And images were viewed and some even ooo’d and aww’d over.

We even had two chickens and a rabbit visit the booth!

By 2pm things were winding down and by 3:30 or so we were on the road home to a tasty fried chicken dinner.

Did I mention that the day involved a few chickens??

Even though it was not a huge sale day for KKH Photos it was, I would say, a successful first vendor event and I look forward to the next one coming up Mother’s Day weekend.

So the next time you are at an event and you see those vendor booths all in a row take a closer look. If you happen to see one with banners that say KKH Photos and KKH Crafts come on in and have a look around and say hi! And if you happen to have your chicken with you bring him on in.